Harpur, Julia

Julia Harpur sketch

I’m an undergraduate student in Fine Arts and Media & Communication at the University of Tasmania, interested in how the non-human world

Ralph, Iris

Areas of interest: Animals and plants in literature, Australian literature, Critical Animal Studies, Critical Plant Studies, Ecocriticism

Green, Sascha

I have always had a fascination with horses. From a young age I tried to be near them. Unfortunately, my only possibility

Chao, Dr Sophie

I am an environmental anthropologist interested in the intersections of capitalism, ecology, Indigeneity, health, and justice in the Pacific. My theoretical thinking

Thomsen, Anja

I am researching how other animals are considered in global social progress metrics and investigating emerging perceptions of what progress is for

Crossley, Dr Émilie

I am currently conducting a multi-sited multispecies ethnography of Ezo red foxes (Vulpes vulpes schrencki) involved in the tourism industry in Japan.

Gray, Sophie

I have recently completed an honours thesis about the salience of a possible international animal welfare treaty and why attempts to create